A Commitment to Green Initiatives in Service

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Service is embracing change

At dormakaba, we are committed to pioneering sustainable practices that align with our vision for a greener and more eco-friendly future. We are thrilled to share with you our Service initiatives that showcase our dedication to environmental responsibility and innovation.

Transforming Transportation: Introducing Electric Cars

In our ambitious pursuit of sustainable transportation, we have set a goal to have 100% electric or hydrogen-based cars in our fleets across Germany, the UK, and France by 2030. This bold initiative reflects our unwavering commitment to reducing carbon emissions and minimizing the environmental footprint associated with traditional modes of transportation.

Spare Part Deliveries with Reusable Packaging

We proudly announce the adoption of reusable packaging for internal spare part deliveries. While currently implemented in Germany and the Netherlands, we are excited to inform you that this eco-conscious initiative is poised for expansion. Our commitment to reducing waste and environmental impact drives this effort, and we look forward to extending this practice to more locations, making it an integral part of our global operations.

Recycling Aged Spare Parts for a Greener Tomorrow

Embracing the strength of collaborative efforts, we are committed to minimizing waste and actively participating in the circular economy. Currently operating our spare parts recycling initiative in Germany, we aspire to extend our reach globally. Together, we can not only decrease environmental impact but also foster a sustainable and circular approach to resource utilization.

Embracing the Digital Age for Greener Maintenance and Repairs

As part of our ongoing commitment to a greener future, we are embracing the digital age to revolutionize maintenance and repair services. Through the integration of remote and digital services, we are not only enhancing the convenience and efficiency of our offerings but also significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with travel. Our focus on sustainability is exemplified through initiatives like EntriWorX Supported Service and EntriWorX Door Insights.

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