Planning and specification

We support you throughout the planning process

Our team of specialists provides support to specifiers by conducting detailed project reviews in order to identify and understand your requirements in terms of entrance systems, door hardware and security.

No-obligation specification service

What we offer

We help you to develop detailed door by door architectural specifications and schedules in a presentable and easy to read format. A dormakaba specification will include solutions for all door types and openings, including:

Commercial Door Hardware

A wide range of door furniture for every door. Essential door closers, levers, hinges and pull handles. As well as specialised hardware for varied applications in colours to match your decor.

Automatic Door Operators

Sliding, swinging, and revolving doors that meet your needs for ease of access, sanitation and climate control.

Access Control Solutions

Access Control Solutions – card readers, proximity readers, electronic locking

Physical Access Barriers

Physical Access Barriers – pedestrian control systems for coinvenient and secure entries with speed barriers and turnstiles.

Frameless Glass Fittings

Frameless Glass Fittings – stacking systems, patches, rails

Mechanical Key Systems

Specialised keying systems such as master keying and construction keying

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Our experts

Our entire specification team undergoes continual training and development. Our many years of experience provide you with peace of mind that the specification service we offer is first class.

Our team has an intimate knowledge of Australian & New Zealand Standards, the National Construction Code (NCC) and other relevant regional building codes ensuring you that our document is fully compliant.

We will work with all stakeholders from design right through to successful handover of your project. Combining Accessibility, Security and Acoustic reports, we will ensure that all your building’s needs are met. 

From CAD drawings of complex glazing solutions to detailed architectural hardware schedules, we offer you a no-obligation, no-cost service to deliver you the quality project that dormakaba is renowned for. Of course, backed up by our after-sales, comprehensive service offering.



Digital construction

dormakaba BIM Objects

Here you can find details of the majority of the dormakaba products, available for download. The BIM objects are available in various file formats (Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Autodesk Revit).

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Every access and security choice you make impacts factors such as usability, compliance, safety and aesthetics. As a result, it’s important that you get fast, informed advice. Our experienced, highly qualified architectural consultancy team is dedicated to delivering exactly that. Our experts will be happy to get in touch with you.


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