Carmody House: A Triumph in Student Accommodation

Friday, 7 June 2024

Celebrating the Completion of Carmody House at the University of Queensland: A Triumph in Student Accommodation

We are proud of our involvement in the construction of Carmody House, a remarkable new student accommodation building at the University of Queensland (UQ). This state-of-the-art facility, designed by the esteemed architectural firm nettletontribe, stands as a testament to modern design, innovative functionality, and a commitment to creating vibrant, supportive student communities. dormakaba worked closely with nettletontribe on a comprehensive access solution, which included automatic doors, door handles, hinges, locks and closers. The objective was to prioritise security and convenience, whilst maintaining aesthetic harmony throughout the building.

A Collaborative Journey

The journey of Carmody House from concept to completion has been one of collaboration, innovation, and dedication. According to Rod Moyle, Managing Director at nettletontribe, the aim was to create more than just a place for students to live, the UQ project set out to create an environment that fostered community, learning and well-being. The design incorporates a blend of private and communal spaces, all meticulously planned to enhance the student experience.

Carmody House at the University of Queensland is a beacon of modern student accommodation. In collaboration with architects nettletontribe, dormakaba provided a comprehensive access solution that seamlessly integrates security, convenience, and design. Our partnership with nettletontribe ensured Carmody House is not just a place to live but a vibrant community fostering learning and well-being.

Why dormakaba?

nettletontribe’s decision to partner with dormakaba as the provider for access solutions was driven by several factors. Rod acknowledges the dormakaba partnership has been built around trust and a reputation for reliability and innovation. "We chose dormakaba for their backup information, support, quality products and outcomes. Their strength, knowledge base and underlying dedication to innovation aligned with our organisation and the project's values," he explains. This partnership ensured that Carmody House is equipped with the best available door solutions, combining security with seamless design integration.

Superior Service and Expertise

The collaboration between dormakaba and nettletontribe was marked by exceptional service and expertise. Moyle praises the dormakaba team for their responsiveness and deep understanding of the project's requirements. "From the initial consultation to the final installation, their expertise and commitment to delivering a premium service has been unwavering," he notes. This close cooperation allowed for the seamless integration of dormakaba’s solutions into the architectural vision, resulting in a cohesive and functional living space for students.

The Essence of Carmody House

Carmody House, named after the celebrated Indigenous storyteller and UQ alumni, is strategically located on a prominent hill within the St Lucia campus. The 16 storey building features 610 student rooms, arranged in community groups to foster interaction and a sense of belonging. Generous common spaces offer areas for socialising, studying, and relaxing, all with stunning views of the campus and the city beyond.

Creating a Thriving Community

The UQ has always emphasised creating environments that support learning and personal growth. Carmody House embodies this ethos, providing a home where students can thrive both academically and socially. With spaces like the makerspace, creative music lounge, cinemas, and games rooms, students have numerous opportunities to engage in diverse activities, fostering a well-rounded university experience.

Carmody House at the UQ stands as a beacon of modern student accommodation, blending innovative design with functionality and community spirit. dormakaba is proud to have contributed to this landmark project, providing solutions that enhance security, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this new residence will have on the UQ student community.

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