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Kerby Rojas - Product Marketing Manager Digital

Kerby Rojas

I look after the residential digital space. dormakaba digital solutions that can be controlled using an app or different types of credentials.

What is it like working for dormakaba?

Like many companies dormakaba has high and lows, but the best part is the group of people that work here.
I believe from the top management to the bottom; people are friendly and that makes the job easier and enjoyable.

What motivates you most in your work?

Regarding my portfolio of products, it motivates me when they are sold, and customers are happy with them.
From the human perspective, what motivates me are the smiles from most of the employees when I meet them in the office. There is always a smile for me.

What makes dormakaba special?

That regardless of what level people are, people says hello, people smile, people help, people are there when you need them.

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