Product Summary

dormakaba offers a complete line of ICU manual sliding doors for special care facilities such as hospitals and surgical centers. The dormakaba HYGIENEO™️ series ICU allows for continuous observation of patients, while allowing quick and easy access during emergency conditions.

All dormakaba HYGIENEO™️ ICU Systems are capable of emergency egress when required.Emergency release hardware allows for the doors to swing out in the direction of egress when pushed.

dormakaba HYGIENEO™️ ICU doors are available in a wide range of sizes, configurations. A trackless guide system allows for smooth operation.

  • Trackless Bottom Guide providing a smooth & clean floor surface for uninhibited movement
  • Fully Break-out panels – To achieve complete structural opening for equipment/bed movement
  • Available in two or three panel systems
  • Swing door in three panel system – more intuitive design for daily use
  • Manual self-closing sliding track option available

Product Details

  • Manual door closer for swing door - Optional
  • Manual hook lock with flush pull and flush bolt
  • Finish - RAL9010 SMO (Anti-bacterial) Finish
  • Silicon rubber & sweep action seal all around
  • Air Leakage – as per ANSI/UL 1784-2004
  • Cycle Tests for Sliding System - 100,000 according to EN1527

Technical Details

  • Max. Structural width
    - 2 Panel System – 2100mm
    - 3 Panel System – 3150mm
  • Max. System height up to 2700 mm
  • Max. Panel Width 1090mm
  • Glass Thickness 6mm up to 28 mm
  • Max. Panel Weight
    - Sliding Panel – 75 KG
    - Swing Panel – 150 KG
  • Sliding System Options - Self-closing Manual Sliding System (SC)
    - Manual Sliding System (NSC)


  • Two Panel Manual ICU Door: 1 sliding panel (break-out) and 1 swing panel
  • Three Panel Manual ICU Door: 1 sliding panel (break-out) & 2 swing panels
  • Sliding System Options - Self-closing Manual Sliding System (SC)
    - Manual Sliding System (NSC)
  • Trackless Bottom Guide


ICU / CCU Rooms

HYGIENEO™️ Series - ICU Doors

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