Product Summary

The ST FLEX Green sliding door illustrates dormakaba's commitment to increasing energy efficiency and thus to improving the sustainability of buildings. Despite its slender profile design, the ST FLEX Green comes with outstanding thermal insulation, as confirmed by the German testing, surveillance, and certification body "ift Rosenheim".

  • Complies with the current German Building energy regulations (GEG)
  • Improved sutainibility
  • Thermal insulation
  • Extremely solid construction

Product Details

German EnEV 2016

Even the smallest ST FLEX Green door system meets the requirements of the Germany's regulation EnEV 2016, which stipulates a certain UD value (thermal transmission co-efficient) for complete door systems.

Reduced CO2 emissions

As a highly energy efficient solution, the ST FLEX Green sustainabilty reduces day-to-day energy and AC costs and cuts CO2 emissions.

Complies with latest German energy-saving regulations

dormakaba's ST Flex Green satisfies the requirements of the latest German energy-saving regulation (EnEV 2016) while also harmonizing perfectly with the existing dormakaba sliding door range.

Extremely solid construction

Despite its slender profile system with thermal insulation, the ST FLEX GREEN is of extremely solid construction.

Automatic Sliding Door ST FLEX Green
Automatic Sliding Door ST FLEX Green
Automatic Sliding Door ST FLEX Green

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