ICU 1200 Swing Door

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    1/3ICU 1200 - Manual Swing Door with bi-fold function in closed position

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    1/3ICU 1200 - Manual Swing Door with bi-fold function in bi-fold position

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    1/3ICU 1200 - Manual Swing Door with bi-fold function in open position

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Product Summary

The ICU 1200 allows the ease of a bi-directional swing door with expanded access using a bi-fold set. This three panel door gives the access you need without the need for breakout.

  • Package size to fit application
  • Sidelites with vertical and horizontal weatherstrips
  • Standard finishes: clear & dark bronze
  • Stainless steel pull handles on both the swing & bi-fold door
  • Hinge on bi-fold door designed to protect fingers
Product Details

The perfect fit
The ICU 1200 is the perfect fit for installations with limited width and self-closing requirements. Swing door can be used primarily with bi-fold as breakaway.

Combining two door types
The ICU 1200 combines two types of doors: a doubleacting swing door on one side and a bi-fold manual door on the other.

Handling traffic
For normal traffic, the swing door opens conveniently in either direction. For a wider opening, the bi-fold door collapses to open nearly the full width of the doorway.

For the installer

  • Easy installation and rapid commissioning

For the architect/specifier

  • Three panel door without the need for breakout.
  • A perfect health care solution.

For the user

  • Simple operation
  • Enhanced working conditions
  • Excellent quality ensures long lifespan

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