Product Summary

The dormakaba remote reader 91 15 is a door control unit and can be universally deployed in combination with a registration unit as an online subterminal in all access solutions. Constantly online, this combination, together with a control unit, improves security in your company. It is designed as a separate unit between the door control unit and the registration unit which means wiring can be positioned close to the door and enables communication within the secure area. This offers maximum protection against tampering.

Product Details

  • The dormakaba remote reader 91 15 is installed on a DIN top hat rail. The dormakaba registration unit linked to it transmits the data via an encrypted connection to the remote reader. This checks the data, decides whether to grant access and controls and monitors the access point.
  • The separate registration unit is mounted in a convenient position in a public area at the selected access point.
  • Communications are encrypted.
  • Employees identify themselves by holding their contactless RFID ID cards up to the reader unit.
  • A large central light symbol and an acoustic signal tell the user whether access is granted.
  • Different operating modes enable optimal integration into any existing dormakaba system.
  • It supports the LEGIC prime and advant and MIFARE Classic and DESFire RFID standards.
  • Installation requires little effort.


The dormakaba remote reader 91 15 is particularly good for controlling and monitoring outdoor access points. The remote reader itself is installed in a secure indoor area and therefore cannot be tampered with.

dormakaba remote reader 91 15 (1)
dormakaba remote reader 91 15 (2)
dormakaba remote reader 91 15 (3)

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