Product Summary

Biometrics – unique, simple, convenient

The dormakaba biometric reader 91 50 is ideally suited for access solutions. With the current design it can be integrated perfectly into modern architecture. Kaba access systems can easily be extended with this biometric reader. When connected to a dormakaba access control system the dormakaba biometric reader 91 50 provides unique, simple, convenient access control.

Product Details

  • Simple, secure, easy to use.
  • Unique personal identification – biometric traits cannot be forgotten, lost, stolen or passed on to third parties.
  • Legal certainty – who booked in when and where.
  • Data protection – provided by non-reconstructable finger templates.
  • Cost saving.

    • Fewer erroneous bookings and therefore fewer corrections.
    • No ID cards and no ID card administration.
  • Easy to integrate into existing systems.


  • Biometric reader in the current Kaba reader portfolio design.
  • Proven and familiar Morpho fingerprint sensor.
  • Different memory sizes for 500/3000/5000 people.
  • Illuminated, capacitive touch keypad.
  • Proximity sensor makes it convenient to use.
  • Integrated optional multi RFID reader (LEGIC© MIFARE©).
  • Serial RS-485 interface.
  • For use with Kaba access control systems.
  • Simple surface mounting assembly.
  • Can also be used in protected outdoor areas.
  • Two housing depths for cable feed for surface mounting or concealed mounting.



  • access control without ID cards,
  • improving security using two traits (verification),
  • and recording unique personal data for legal certainty.

There is a choice of five modes:

  • biometric identification with no ID cards,
  • biometric verification (template on card),
  • biometric verification (ID comparison),
  • hybrid mode identification/verification,
  • hybrid mode verification, template on card/ID comparison.

PIN Code and alternative input methods are optional.

dormakaba biometric reader 91 50

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