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Electronic door locks

Protection against intrusion, exceptional functionality and an award-winning design? We have all three at dormakaba. Sleek, smart and elegant, our electronic door locks are engineered to ensure secure access to buildings. Available both as standalone products and together with other dormakaba products – including digital cylinders and readers for access control – our electronic smart lock solutions are ready for installation without the need to replace existing doors.

As with the rest of our product portfolio, seamless integration is a key feature of our electronic door locks. They are compatible with cutting-edge communication technologies, not least radio frequency identification (RFID), wireless and Bluetooth®, and they embrace a modular design, allowing you to adapt and scale your door components as required.

Use and function

We install electronic door locks with readers and other integrated access control devices for use in commercial and private premises. The main purpose of an electronic door lock is to control access to certain rooms or buildings. Our range of c-lever electronic smart locks allows you to assign permanent and temporary access rights to individuals, whether on a room-by-room basis or for an entire site, and to issue, update and/or revoke these rights wirelessly. You are free to choose between access media – transponders, smart keys, cards, fobs, mobile phones, etc. – as desired. All our electronic smart locks are made from robust materials.

What is an electronic door lock?

An electronic door lock is a locking device that uses an electronic signal to securely lock or unlock a door, a passageway or a furniture. In comparison to a traditional key, access data is sent, allowing for more control over who is accessing the premises, enables replacement media to be issued with ease (as well as access to be authorized or revoked) and means security updates can be performed instantly. It is also possible to grant temporary access rights for a given period and/or a specific room. Finally, the access data gathered through the use of the electronic door lock can be stored on a centralized system – handy for record-keeping purposes or if any discrepancies arise on the premises. Nice choice of customizable access media include mobile phones which transmit via NFC or Bluetooth®, or transponders, smart keys, badges and key fobs which are RFID-supported.


The c-lever series is our flagship range of electronic door locks. Choose from the versions pro, air and compact and add cabinet locks and locksets as desired for a full electronic smart lock package that is able to to satisfy all your requirements.

  • The c-lever pro is an award-winning electronic door lock that can be easily installed on exterior, interior, security, panic and emergency exit doors. The c-lever pro is weatherproof and protected against tampering by unauthorized individuals, while the battery is integrated into the housing. You can grant, change and revoke access rights with ease for a virtually unlimited number of users and in multiple modes (online, standalone or remote). Finally, various access media can be assigned for use with the c-lever pro.
  • With a sleek, slim, multi-award-winning design, the c-lever air is the ideal choice for sites that prioritize easy installation, security and stunning aesthetics. Designed specifically for interior doors, this door fitting contains no wires and relies solely on two long-lasting batteries for standalone operation. For the versatile use, you can choose from a large selection of access media, including cards, RFID keys, key fobs and mobile phones. A narrow version is available for hollow-profile doors as well as a wider one for solid-leaf doors.
  • Access as you like it: the c-lever compact electronic smart lock has been created specifically for standalone or wireless use on interior office doors. The award-winning, patented design is independent from the cylinder and lock, so the cylinder can usually stay. Coming in a smart, rotatable design, it blends well into any office space or areas where access control is required. Also suited for glass doors, with a wide choice of lever handles. Suitable for both single doors and throughout an entire building, you control the method of entry via access media such as key fobs, badges, mobile phones and smart keys.
  • The 2110 cabinet lock is a electronic door lock that can be installed in a locker, wardrobe or other storage unit to secure access to important documents and valuables. The cabinet lock is easy to program, has a long-lasting battery and does not contain any wires. To open, simply hold a badge against the storage unit.
  • We provide C800 heavy-duty cylindrical locksets to complement our electronic smart locks. Available in mechanical or electrified variants, the C800 guarantees an exceptional level of security when fitted to a wooden or hollow metal door. It is easy to install and the corrosion-resistant stainless steel lock is through-bolted for enhanced strength.


Key benefits

Add the smart touch to your door lock solutions with our award-winning range of electronic smart locks for interiors and exteriors and enjoy these advantages:

  • Electronic door locks made from high-quality, robust materials
  • Design that allows for all our security hardware elements to be combined as desired
  • Our unique range of locking devices meet your requirements to secure all your doors and access points
  • Various access media options, including transponders, access cards, smart keys, RFID-enabled key fobs and mobile phones for transmission via Bluetooth® or NFC
  • A fully secure access system, even if access media are lost
  • Easy, fast and wireless installation as our devices are battery-powered
  • The ability to grant access rights to visitors, employees, residents, etc. in no time – for a preset period and for everything from individual doors to the entire premises
  • Minimal effort required for rolling out updates and upgrades and performing maintenance
  • Wireless operation for remote access
  • Low-drain operation coupled with long-lasting batteries (no expensive or sensitive wiring inside the electronic door locks)
  • Special encryption technologies for added security
  • Audit trail can store a substantial amount of door events (optional)
  • Mobile access to premises and rooms via the dormakaba mobile access app for even more convenience
  • Applicable for individual access points all the way up to large systems, covering nearly all door situations
  • Seamless integration into virtually all dormakaba-brand systems

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