Product Summary

TV 500 and TV 500 DCW® locking devices immediately unlock secured escape route doors on activation of an emergency pushbutton, in the event of an emergency and for authorised users. They are often referred to as electric strikes for escape route doors, as they unite the functions of an electric strike with those of an electromechanical fail-safe locking device. Thanks to its concealed frame installation, the TV 500 not only provides the door with visual elegance, it is also not prone to vandalism.

  • Electromechanical locking
  • Jam-free unlocking irrespective of loads
  • Adjustable latch
  • Concealed frame installation for vandalism protection
  • With DCW® bus technology
  • Integrated monitoring contacts

Product Details

TV 500 – the approved electric strike for escape route doors
TV 500 locking devices are used as locking elements in TMS emergency exit control systems. They comply with the EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors) issued by the DIBt (German Institute for Civil Engineering).

Easy adaptation to the prevailing door type
The TV 500 is concealed in the door frame, while its counterpart, the TV-Z 510 mortise latch lock, is installed in the door leaf. Both the latch of the TV 500 and the latch of the TV-Z 510 are adjustable to compensation tolerances without having to disassemble the components.

Versions for different types of doors
TV 500 and TV 500 DCW® are available with an angle strike plate for over-rebated doors or a flat strike plate for flush-closing doors. The well-known dormakaba Easy Adapt latch guide is also available as an option. All versions have an internal feedback contact for monitoring of activated/de-activated status and are ready for application at fire and smoke control doors.

TV 500 DCW® for more convenience
The DCW® system bus conveniently and quickly links the TV 500 DCW® and the TMS emergency exit control system. If required, analogue TV 500 locking devices can be linked to TMS systems with the aid of the TV DCW® adapter or the universal DCW® adapter.

Emergency exit system TV 500 / TV 500 DCW®
Emergency exit system TV 500 / TV 500 DCW®
Emergency exit system TV 500 / TV 500 DCW®

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