Product Summary

TMS Basic Set is a particularly economical TMS escape route security system in a robust light alloy housing, which makes it ideal for individual doors – either for initial installation or for upgrading. The system immediately opens the door in the event of an emergency and effectively protects against everyday misuse of the door.

  • Escape route door terminal including control unit and power supply unit
  • Pre-assembled and preconfigured
  • Robust housing made of aluminium alloy
  • Short-term, long-term and permanent door release feature
  • Flexible expansion with DCW® bus technology
  • Individual parameterising via TMS Soft

Product Details

Build in increased security

The TMS Basic Set with DCW® bus technology is the ideal solution for securing individual escape route doors. The robust metal housing, the power supply unit and the special TL-S TMS 2 Basic control and interface board are factory pre-assembled and preconfigured.

Minimal installation work and easy commissioning

As the TMS Basic Set requires minimal mounting and cabling, it facilitates the commissioning process. Just one door locking device, e.g. the dormakaba TV 500 DCW®, needs to be connected and the system is ready for operation in accordance with the EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors).

Various areas of application

The TMS Basic Set is fast and practical to install, making it ideal for secured escape route doors, such as those in beverage shops, restaurants, cinemas, small industrial buildings, office buildings, retail outlets and basement garages.

Future-proof thanks to flexible upgrades

The DCW® bus technology offers various upgrade options. In addition, TMS Basic Set is network-ready and can be monitored and controlled from a central location.

Emergency exit system TMS Basic Set

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