Product Summary

dormakaba TV 200 and TV 200 DCW® locking devices immediately unlock secured escape route doors on activation of an emergency pushbutton, in the event of an emergency and for authorised users. They are equipped with an electromagnetic locking mechanism with three-dimensional adjustability and provide jam-free unlocking irrespective of loads. Thanks to their attractive Contur design and easy installation in the door frame, TV 200 locking devices are also ideal for upgrading.

  • Electromagnetic locking
  • Jam-free unlocking irrespective of loads
  • Robust metal housing featuring the Contur design
  • Various colours
  • With DCW® bus technology
  • Integrated monitoring contacts

Product Details

Reliable locking and unlocking of escape route doors
TV 200 locking devices are used as locking elements in TMS emergency exit control systems. They comply with the EltVTR (German directive for electrical locking systems on escape route doors) issued by the DIBt (German Institute for Civil Engineering).

Suitable for upgrading, also on fire and smoke control doors
TV 200 locking devices are installed on the door frame and are therefore easy to retrofit. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories, they can also be installed on flush-closing doors and allow tolerance compensation. In addition, they are approved for installation on fire and smoke control doors.

Adjustment options and monitoring contacts for maximum security
The system's integrated monitoring function detects the door status and the locking status of the TV locking device, and also provides anti-tamper monitoring. The system sends all information to the emergency exit control system. The magnet with gimbal bearing is adjustable in three dimensions and therefore provides maximum functional security.

TV 200 DCW® for more convenience
The DCW® system bus conveniently and quickly links the TV 200 DCW® and the TMS emergency exit control system. If required, analogue TV 200 locking devices can be linked to TMS systems with the aid of the TV DCW® adapter or the universal DCW® adapter.

Emergency exit system TV 200 / TV 200 DCW®
Emergency exit system TV 200 / TV 200 DCW®

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