Cantonal Hospital Winterthur, Switzerland

People at the center of modern healthcare


Multifunctional new building with bed and operating wing

The imposing new building of the Kantonsspital Winterthur is focused on people. This applies to people inside and outside the hospital, such as the furnishings in the patient rooms, the operating theaters equipped with the latest technology, open-space working environments to promote networking between specialties, and bright consultation landscapes for outpatient procedures. Last but not least, the new building was Minergie-P-Eco certified. Functionality and sustainability go hand in hand in the bed and operating tracts.


What access and flow requirements does dormakaba meet at the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital?

  • Contactless or hygienic operation of the doors

  • Securing of non-public and sensitive areas so that only authorized persons can gain access

  • Priority lift control for emergencies

  • Different automatic sliding doors made to measure, also in oversize and for particularly heavy door leaves

  • Doors that meet fire safety and escape route requirements

  • Access management with a modular system to which third-party systems can be connected



Versatile door and access solutions for smooth hospital operations

1001 automatic doors

In cooperation with competent partners, dormakaba manufactured various automatic swing and sliding doors for the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital.

For many doors in the interior or in the building envelope, several conditions had to be met. Fire protection, escape route, controlled access or contactless access were some of them. But also doors with closing sequence control, burglary or radiation protection were successfully made to measure and are reliably in use today.

Depending on the access point and structural conditions, the decision was made in favor of different designs such as swing door drives, automatic sliding doors, telescopic sliding doors or revolving doors.

Even after the 10-year planning and construction phase, close cooperation, e.g. in terms of service, with the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital is essential for smooth operation.

Networked access

When it comes to granting different access rights to visitors, employees and external companies, an intelligent access management system is essential. The modular Kaba exos 9300 access system covers all access control and logging functions. For the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital, it was adapted to the specific customer requirements and processes.

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