NV Tower Sofia, Bulgaria

dormakaba access solutions for an award-winning skyscraper

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Modern access solutions for a cutting-edge Bulgarian skyscraper with a unique multifunctional design

The NV Tower: 107 meters of design excellence, cutting-edge technology and green concepts. The skyscraper is one of the most recognizable buildings in all of Bulgaria, and its distinctive architecture divides the structure into two main bodies of varying heights, creating a total built-up area of 48,000 square meters. Among its amenities are offices, apartments, shops, a restaurant, a café, a wellness & fitness center, a conference facility, a panoramic deck, roof gardens, and underground parking – all of which are seamlessly connected thanks to automatic sliding doors and other innovative access solutions from dormakaba.

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How can secure access solutions demarcate restricted business areas from commercial facilities?

  • Smooth transit of persons at all entrances, with maximum convenience for tenants, employees and visitors

  • Installation of revolving doors and automatic sliding doors tailored to the unique security requirements of the various on-site businesses

  • Implementation of access solutions with sensor barriers to ensure maximum protection

  • A dedicated conference block with a lobby and 200-seater conference hall with the flexibility to be divided into two separate spaces via movable walls

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“The dormakaba entrance systems play a pivotal role in our office building thanks to their exceptional customizability.”
Zdravko Kinanev

Zdravko Kinanev

Technical Director


Access solutions for a building that demands a seamless experience for tenants and visitors

The NV Tower distributes its impressive architectural heft across two primary structures of varying heights. Despite the division, the entrances to the skyscraper preserve the atmosphere of a fully integrated building thanks to streamlined access based around revolving doors and a sensor barrier system.

Despite the height of the skyscraper’s entranceways (which were originally designed to be even taller), dormakaba Bulgaria found an effective solution: KTV 3 revolving doors, replete with a higher ceiling and a built-in air curtain. Thanks to this system, dormakaba not only fulfilled the architects' requirements, but furnished the client with a product that surpassed their expectations. Meanwhile, Argus 40 sensor barriers are the ideal access solution in the lobby of the NV Tower, offering an exceptionally high level of operating comfort.

Elsewhere, a telescopic mechanism integrated into the TST FLEX automatic sliding door system creates more passage width in the medical center of NV Tower while ensuring plenty of light. What’s more, it blends in seamlessly with the building exterior.

Finally, Variflex movable walls turn the conference block inside the tower into a unique event facility with the option to divide it in two separate spaces.

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