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DORMA Security Hardware

The SI 17xx series unifies the security of DIN- and EN-compliant anti-tamper fittings with the high load capacity and flexibility of our Premium door furniture.
The external backplate is simply combined on the inside of the door with the Premium lever handle and the Premium rose. In this combination, the securely bushed internal lever handle ensures durable stability.

  • SI sigurnosne kvake
  • Okrugle, zaobljene ili pravokutne rozete
  • U skladu sa DIN i EN
  • SI 4099 sigurnosni modul

Product details

SI anti-tamper fittings compliant with ES 1-ZA (DIN 18257)

Class of protection

  • ES 1-ZA (DIN 18257) comparable with S2-ZA (EN 1906)


Exterior fitting

  • Material: s/s
  • Backplate thickness: 15 mm
  • Hole centers: 72 mm or 92 mm
  • Cylinder projection: 13–18 mm
  • With cylinder sleeve (ZA)

Interior fitting

  • Material: s/s or aluminum
  • Lever handle: all Premium models may be used; securely bushed


Premium 6500 / Premium 6612 PZ
Lever handles and roses from our range of Premium door furniture
The anti-tamper security fittings SI 1720 (with fixed knob) and SI 1721 (with lever handle) are specifically designed for use with the DORMA PHA 2500 panic hardware system.

SI 6536 and SI 6545 round anti-tamper roses

  • SI 653611, 11 mm high, aluminum
  • SI 653615, 15 mm high, aluminum
  • SI 654511, 10 mm high, s/s
  • SI 654515, 14 mm high, s/s

PB 6646 square-edged sliding anti-tamper rose

  • PB 6646, 6, 9 or 14 mm high, aluminum or s/s
  • PB 6649 oval sliding anti-tamper rose
  • PB 6649, 6, 9 or 14 mm high, aluminum or s/s

SI 4099 security module

A lockable module for window handles
Lockable; window handle made from aluminum or alternatively from stainless steel; rose mounting made from metal with support lugs and cover made from aluminum for concealed fixing protected against dismantling; hole centers: 43 mm; support lugs: 10 mm; with 7 mm square spindle, 30 mm projection; M5 special screws; lock cylinder with five pin tumblers, lockable in all catch positions.

Standard FE models = 4100, 4101, 4527, 4830, 4906, 4972 and 4998.

Alternatively, other FE models can be supplied at extra cost.
Optional for windows with a "tilt first" function. Handing must be specified when the order is placed. Can also be supplied with pushbutton operation as an alternative.
The cover of the SI 4099 lockable module is made from aluminum F1 or mock stainless steel anodized. Special colors can be supplied on request at extra cost. The window handle is made from aluminum anodized or, alternatively, stainless steel. Other spindle lengths can be supplied on request at extra cost.


a) Keyed to differ: each lock cylinder requires a different key (two keys supplied per handle)
b) Keyed alike: all lock cylinders can be locked using the same key