Product Summary

The surface finishes of the ramming protection are furnished with a special polish to protect against shock and surface damages.

  • Visible mounting elements completely made of stainless steel
  • Low installation height for high opening convenience
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Long durability
  • dormakaba basic polish
  • 5 days production time

Product Details

Product description

Many public buildings – such as hospitals or retirement homes – have wall and door surfaces that are exposed to unintentional contacts, which they can easily be damaged by. The dormakaba ramming protection on doors, combined with a door opening limit or door stop offers excellent protection here.

Since the dormakaba ramming protection is designed to be flatter than most other ramming protections and has a flat surface mount, the distance between the open door leaf and the adjacent wall is smaller.  This allows for a larger inside width of the open doors with a simultaneous protection of the door leaf and wall.

The larger inside width is a considerable benefit especially for hallways with heavy use, for example those in which hospital beds are pushed through double-leaf doors, and it comes with an attractive price.

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