Product Summary

Complies with BS EN 1906, category of use grade 4 for high frequency use in project builds. Durability test certified by independent Material Testing Institute (MPA) with two million cycles. Tested to BS EN 1634-1. Hardware meets corrosion resistance grade 5 requirements specified in BS EN 1670. Free play/angular movement of door handle is ≤ 1.0 mm, in accordance with BS EN 1906. Minimal shadow joint between lever handle and backplate/rose, high-quality Satino finish, return springs, Click&Go fast installation system.

  • 2 million test cycles
  • Corrosion resistance grade 5 according to BS EN 1670 (salt spray tested to 480 hours)
  • Free play/angular movement < 1 mm, in accordance with BS EN 1906
  • 10-year warranty
  • Four return spring mechanisms and Click&Go
  • 9 mm installation height

Product Details


OGRO’s four return springs ensure that our EPD-certified lever handles always return to their horizontal position, even after many years of use.
Free play/angular movement is well within the limits permitted in EN 1906, measuring under 1 mm for OGRO by dormakaba. OGRO’s return spring mechanisms are non-handed and can be used both left and right, allowing valuable time to be saved during installation.

Operational versatility

The OGRO door furniture range by dormakaba offers visually and technically sophisticated solutions that meet high building project requirements. Identical lever handles can be combined with precisely matched roses and backplates for use on timber, narrow stile and glass doors. The system comprises three components that can be flexibly combined: door handles, roses/backplates and square spindles. The full OGRO range is able to satisfy virtually any design requirement, from modern to traditional. The wide choice of options impressively demonstrates the dormakaba brand’s commitment to high quality standards.


  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel
  • Hospital 
  • Braille
  • Fire protection
  • Emergency exit

Optionally available with fixing spacers (A) or crank offset (V)


The OGRO product group is manufactured in line with the latest standards and is accompanied by a voluntary environmental product declaration (EPD) in accordance with German Industrial Standard (DIN) ISO 14025, which is available in the download area. The availability of EPDs facilitates the achievement of building certification, such as DGNB and LEED.

For architects

  • The very small shadow joint between the lever handle and the rose/backplate means that the two components appear to be one unit.
  • The high-quality Satino surface finish meets demanding requirements in terms of the visual appearance of the door furniture.
  • All roses and backplates have a consistent height of just 9 mm, ensuring that the same high-quality design is maintained on all doors.
  • OGRO by Architects allows you to implement your own individual design ideas for your building project.

For trade/retailers

  • Modular system reduces storage space requirements.
  • Square section spindles available separately for different door thicknesses – just change the spindle rather than ordering a complete furniture set.
  • Identical length increments for fixing screws and spindles make materials management easier.
  • Rated grade 4, the highest category of use according to EN 1906, OGRO fittings are also very suitable for doors that are subject to a high frequency of use.

For installers

  • The return springs ensure that the door handles will not drop and will always return to their horizontal position, even after many years of use.
  • The return spring mechanisms are non-handed, avoiding the problem of mistakes during installation.
  • Click&Go technology makes installation quicker and easier, saving time and money.
  • Roses and backplates can be prefitted to the door in the workshop.
  • Space-saving transportation of doors. The handles can be easily clicked into place later just before the building inspection takes place.
  • The longer support lugs on the mounting plate mean that larger door thickness increments can be accommodated with the same screw fixing length.
OGRO fittings
OGRO fittings Premium 8103
OGRO fittings Premium 8130

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