Product Summary

Door holders are used to securely keep open doors in place. This is necessary e.g. when one is transporting something or would like to keep the door open for visitors and customers.

  • Modern design
  • High-grade dormakaba Satino surface finishes
  • Automatic latching in and out

Product Details

TZ 5563 hook door holder

The TZ 5562 door holder is installed on the floor. The catch hook keeps the door attached to the holder. Release: Pressure against the door leaf in the opening direction releases the catch hook and the door can be closed.

  • TZ 5562 ER base plate 108 x 47 mm

TZ 5563 telescope door holder

  • TZ 5563 anodised aluminium, lift 16 mm
Fittings Door holder
Fittings Door holder

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