Product Summary

The interior door range is ideally complemented by corner hinges, floor and ceiling bearings, side bearings and bolts, as well as screw-on, screw-in and strap hinges. Various special hinges, e.g. for rebated doors, plus door rails and other accessories complete the portfolio.

  • Ideal complements for the interior door range
  • Corner hinges set
  • Floor / ceiling bearings
  • Screw-on, screw-in and strap hinges

Product Details

Door leaf weights up to 45 kg

Bolt-on assemblies comprising hinge with backplate offer a load capacity of 45 kg per door leaf. Corner hinges for 8 - 10 mm glass with open lower, upper and/or side are height-adjustable and suitable for door leaf weights up to 35 kg.

High-quality materials

The floor and ceiling bearings for corner hinges, and the side bearings, are made of brass with stainless steel bolts. The corner hinge set for 8 and 10 mm glass with open lower, upper and/or side consists of 1 base bearing, 1 bottom corner hinge (height-adjustable), 1 top pivot and 1 top corner hinge, and can be used for door weights up to 80 kg; sash width max. 1100 mm.

Fittings Special Hinges

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