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Product Summary

dormakaba has designed a number of high security products to meet our customers’ needs on a variety of applications in specialist utility sectors. Products such as our Enclosure Guard and Thorlock have been developed following this relationship, designing and testing bespoke products that meet the distinct and demanding requirements specific to this industry.

The range is based upon the dormakaba modular core series of high security cylinders, allowing the cylinder core to be inserted into a range of locking solutions from cam locks, switch locks and padlocks, to the more traditional cylinder shapes. This also gives the locking system the ability to master key across various applications and locations making it a powerful, secure and efficient locking system.

Product Details
  • High-security solution designed to deter the most determined unauthorised attack. 
  • Applications include remote sites within the utility and infrastructure sectors
  • Protects vulnerable padlock shackles, inspection hatches and covers, vehicle doors and containers.
  • Includes a 48mm solid stainless-steel body & 16mm stainless steel locking bolt.
  • The cylinder is protected by a spinning guard.
  • The key is retained when unlocked, ensures the device is not left unlocked/open.
  • LPCB-approved (LPS1175 SR4) when used with approved security products
  • EN 12320 Grade 4 (CEN 4)

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