Product Summary

We offer a range of Key switches to suit a wide variety of applications, providing high levels of physical security combined with market leading key control procedures.

Our secure heavy-duty key-switches utilise Kraus and Naimer electrical switch modules that are bayonet mounted to the locking cylinder allowing easier wiring, and if necessary, separate wiring from the lock cylinder.

This unique system offers a broad range of switching options to service a wide range of applications, including 1 & 2 key entry as standard (90-degree movement) and with multiple key entry and switching positions available as a special order.

The range is based upon the reliability and security of the patented Kaba 20 and patented quattro plus cylinder ranges, both highly respected by our end user clients. The controlled issuing of duplicate keys affords high copy protection direct from the dormakaba factory, thus giving our customers total confidence in the integrity of their locking system.

Product Details

The dormakaba system utilises high quality cylinder locks operated by the unique smooth dormakaba patent protected dimpled key.

The strong and robust Kaba 20 system is available with over 100 million key codes and lends itself to heavy duty applications, whilst the interchangeable core of the quattro plus system allows it to be retrofitted into most cylinder profiles as part of a master key system.

Our switch locks can be included in master key systems with other products such as camlocks, push button locks and padlocks to provide a high level of organisational control, with users required to only carry one key.  

Technical Details

  • Suited to heavy duty industrial applications which require a bespoke locking solution
  • Off the shelf industry standard switch modules
  • Switch modules are bayonet mounted to the locking cylinder allowing easier wiring and separate wiring from the lock cylinder if necessary
  • Broad range of switching options to service a wide range of applications
  • Compact design
  • Multiple key entry and switching positions available as special order
  • High Security Key Registration
  • Extensive Master Keying capability
  • Strong Reversible Nickel Silver keys
  • Standard Finish – Nickel Plated
  • Special Finish – Polished Brass


The combination of switches, cylinders and key movements have been developed to meet the increasing needs for safety and security, controlling personnel, processes and equipment and monitoring activities. 


dormakaba key switches are ideal in the following areas:

  • Control and Load Switches
  • Changeover, Off/On and Spring Return - Control Switches
  • Automation and control of machinery
  • Industrial control panels
  • Door barriers and gate control
  • Shutter controls
  • Multiple key entry options for OEM applications
  • Lift and escalator controls
  • Alarm set switch
  • Desk and control panel switches for the Rail Industry

K31100090-NI Keyswitch
7-350110-NI Keyswitch

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