Product Summary

Those that spend a lot of time, energy and money ensuring the outside of their building creates the image they wish to portray will be delighted Argus sensor barriers continue that all important first impression beyond the entrance into the foyer.

The XEA design of Argus combines basic shapes, colours, surfaces, and control elements in a uniform look. In this way, the contemporary monobloc design of the Argus entrance system makes many variations possible.

Argus sensor barriers not only look good they're functional too. Their modularity can be adapted to the needs of modern corporate cultures by seamlessly integrating technology as part of a holistic approach to safety and security.

  • Variable passage widths of 650 mm, 900 mm, 915 mm or 1,000 mm
  • Variable door leaf heights of 990 mm, 1,200 mm, 1,400 mm, 1,600 mm, or 1,800 mm (upper edge)
  • User-optimised scanner integration
  • Discreet ambient lighting
  • Smart emergency exit and escape route
  • Secure separation sensors

Product Details

Argus 40 Speed Gates

  • Speed gates with variable passage widths of 650mm & 900mm
  • Horizontal separation sensor strip controls activation of door leaves
  • Compact length of just 1200mm 
  • Meets normal safety requirements without compromise
  • High quality sensor barrier ideal for areas with limited space

Argus 60 & Argus 80 Speed Gates

  • Variable passage widths of 650mm, 900mm, 915mm or 1000 mm
  • Entrance system with horizontal and vertical sensor strips for enhanced controlled activation of door leaves
  • At lengths of 1650mm & 1660mm respectively Argus 60 and Argus 80 achieve maximum security level.  
  • Customisation of side panels in corporate colours available (Argus 80 only)
  • Discreet ambient lighting for everyday practicality, ideal for emergencies.  
  • Optional green or red illumination to indicate operating status

Standard options

  • Our speed gates have variable door leaf heights of 990mm, 1200mm, 1400 mm, 1600 mm, or 1800 mm (upper edge)
  • RFID scanner integration subtly concealed into the frame
  • The dormakaba sensor barriers have a smart emergency exit and escape route option
  • Wide choice of material and architectural finishes.
  • Efficient floor fixing options. 
white hall composing
dark lounge composing
entrance wood composing

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