Product Summary

The swing doors are similar in design to dormakaba's half-height access units. They complement the access units and are ideal for goods transport or as barrier-free access for wheelchair users.

All automatic half-height swing doors can be connected to access control systems.

Product Details

  • Automatic swing door opener with adaptable design
  • Delicate transparent elements in stainless steel and glass
  • Ideal addition for tripod barriers, half-height turnstiles, sensor barriers and for goods transportation and barrier-free access
  • Comfortable passage with servo drive
  • Swinging doors with almost silent operation
  • Unit also opens under load
  • Unit locks in any position
  • Swing door entrance system with low energy consumption
  • Suitable for use in emergency and escape routes
  • Simple assembly on finished floor level
Charon swing doors
Charon swing doors
Charon swing doors

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