Product Summary

In some situations, the use of keycards may not be suitable or sufficient. They can be lost, forgotten, given to someone else or manipulated. Some security environments require an exact verification of the user’s identity, which adds significantly to costs when done manually.

The most accurate and cost-efficient way to identify people is through biometric fingerprint systems. This is where Kaba is a leading specialist. A fingerprint cannot be stolen, which reduces security risk. It cannot be given to a colleague (by an employee), hence no more buddy punching. And a biometric fingerprint system costs a lot less than security guards.

dormakaba workforce management terminals and locking systems can be programmed to use fingerprint identification as the sole identity medium or in addition to a keycard for verification purposes. This provides a fast, convenient and easy way to ensure unique user identification.

Additional biometric technologies (e. g. iris scanning) can be easily integrated at any time thanks to existing interfaces.

Product Details

  • Choice of identification (biometric fingerprint systems used instead of keycards) or verification of identity (biometric fingerprint systems used in addition to keycards).
  • Significant savings as there are no false bookings or corrections. There are no keycard production costs when biometric fingerprint systems are used as the sole identity medium.
  • Offers legal certainty – you know for sure who was identified and when.
  • Biometric terminals are simple to use. No employee training required.
  • Data protection as the fingerprints cannot be copied or reconstructed.
  • Biometric fingerprint identities can be distributed to terminals at several sites instantly, so your employees are logged on immediately wherever they are.
Biometric reader 91 50 FP
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Biometric reader 91 50

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