Product Summary

evolo smart for your small business  use the app to organise access rights conveniently

How you organise access to your company:

  • New employees, service providers or the caretaker: you can keep track of who has access at any time
  • Your business is secured
  • You don’t need any additional hardware, you can program it all on your smartphone with the evolo smart app
  • You delete and add access media as you wish and therefore, stay flexible
  • And the best part: You don’t need a permanent internet connection, evolo smart runs offline

You can find out more about evolo smart here:

Product Details

dormakaba evolo smart is an app that offers an easy access control.

The matching dormakaba evolo door components are standalone-operated, which means that they are powered by a battery, no cables are involved. For example, the dormakaba digital cylinder is inserted into the door instead of a mechanical lock cylinder – it can be easily dismantled later on.

If needed, evolo access components can be integrated into other access solutions from dormakaba. This means your investment is guaranteed in the long term and develops with your needs.

Technical Details

To see the technical data and a list of successfully tested smartphones, please use this link:


•    Free evolo smart app available in the Google Play Store or App Store. (Download links can be found directly in the respective store or at:
•    Quick and easy to programme and delete access media using a smartphone
•    Time-restricted access rights
•    Easy to delete and add new media
•    Door events can be tracked
•    Access media: choice of cards, key fobs or smartphone
•    Door status
•    No internet connection required; the system runs locally


Door components

•    digital cylinder
•    c-lever pro
•    c-lever compact
•    c-lever air
•    Reader

Access media

•    Cards with QR code
•    Key fobs with QR code
•    own smartphone

Programming and data transmission

In the evolo smart app:
•    Define the time profile for selected access media
•    Read door status information
•    Add and delete access media
•    Purchase digital keys

On the door:
•    After programming the app, update your door components by holding up the smartphone



Anyone wanting to organise access can use smart evolo. No special knowledge is required to operate evolo smart; the app is self-explanatory. Possible areas of use:

•    Microenterprises
•    Shops or retail establishments
•    Restaurants
•    Service stations
•    Agencies
•    Workshops or garages
•    Startups
•    Private residences

dormakaba evolo smart
evolo smart

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