Product Summary

Take your access control to the next level with the dormakaba locker lock 21 20: it not only ensures door security, but also allows you to control access to documents, materials and devices – completely wirelessly. Seamless integration into our standalone and online access solutions* gives you a complete overview of the entire locking system, right down to individual lockers.

Offer your users more security and convenience with the particularly intuitive push-to-open operation. The locker number is automatically and reliably transmitted to the RFID badge as the lock is locked. Save time and do away with manual key management.

Discover the advantages of the dormakaba locker lock 21 20 and increase your efficiency with our comprehensive access control system.

* Prerequisite: existing dormakaba evolo Manager, MATRIX or exos access system

Product Details

  • Seamless integration into the dormakaba system environment with digital cylinders, electronic fittings, readers and mechatronic cylinders
  • Simple programming – for permanent or temporary access
  • High functionality – covers practically every locker lock-related need
  • User-friendly push-to-open concept – press the RFID badge against the lock with just one hand
  • Elegant, flat design
  • Quick installation, made for prefabricated metal lockers
  • Flexible – can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Can be installed on both left- and right-hinged doors
  • Long battery life – up to 8 years of operation


  • Free choice: configurable for 1 to max. 4 lockers per person
  • Alarm in case of attempted break-in
  • Internal real-time clock with power reserve
  • Locking without badge possible (configurable)
  • Number of user media: up to 4,000 or almost unlimited with CardLink/AoC
  • Traceable access: record of the last 2,000 events
  • Audible and visual red/green LED signalling
  • Supports the latest RFID standards


The locker lock 21 20 is perfect for metal lockers used in company cloakrooms, schools and universities

Locker Lock 21 20
Locker Lock 21 20
Locker Lock 21 20

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