Product Summary

Pull handles from OGRO Door Furniture epitomise the high quality expected of the OGRO brand, designed for excellence down to the very last detail and exuding fine craftsmanship. They offer genuine quality characterised by clearly defined, identical features irrespective of shape, size or customised manufacturing.

Available in satin stainless steel.

  • High manufacturing quality
  • Fine finish
  • Ideal complement to all dormakaba fittings
  • Delivered to order
  • High durability
  • Handle accessories made of stainless steel

Product Details

Attractive design

OGRO pull handles come in a high grade finish with an even, satinised texture, virtually free of contact points throughout the handle section, with irregularities banished and with no shadowing. Needless to say, this also applies to the less accessible locations such as the radii in the curves, the rectangular mitered joints or the transitions from the handle to its supports. Always apparent is the high quality of workmanship and a special regard for fine detail.

Strictly controlled quality management ensures the highest functional and visual standards

OGRO has defined its own, stringent demands according to which we continuously check the quality of our pull handles. These go beyond compliance with exacting technical parameters such as pull-off forces, or compression and tensile loads under continuous operating conditions. Craftsmanship and appearance are also consistently examined against our high standards.

Quality products

Only once a product has met our exacting quality requirements does it earn the right to be called a OGRO pull handle. And once fitted, OGRO pull handles are also rightly expected to perform to the highest level, ensuring the safe absorption of pressures and tensile forces through their sophisticated fixing systems – which, incidentally, also facilitate fast and easy installation on virtually any door. In short, with OGRO pull handles, customers can be sure to reap all the benefits that accrue from a quality product.

Classic pull handle

The TG Classic product series combines lasting quality and timeless design. It has been developed and designed for uncompromising use in the demanding commercial sector as well as for high-traffic buildings such as airports, stations, shopping centres, offices and schools. Customised models can also be provided on request.

  • High manufacturing quality
  • Fine finish
  • Ideal complement to all other DORMA fittings
  • Short delivery time
  • Attractive price

Vario pull handle

OGRO offers the rapid production of Vario pull handles in almost any length. Manufactured exactly to customer requirements and usually delivered within 5 working days, they offer the benefit of zero on-site adaptation work.

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