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Automatic Doors - Winter checklist

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As the winter months draw near it becomes of more importance to ensure your main entrance doors are operating correctly. In an effort to ensure your working environment is comfortable and the store is able to trade safely we have put together a basic checklist to assist you

Weekly checklist – Automatic doors

These minimum safety checks, in addition to those in the owner’s manual, should be made each day and after any loss of electrical power

  1. Walk toward the door at normal pace. 
  2. The door should open before you reach the threshold.
  3. Sliding Doors Only: Stand motionless in the threshold for at least 10 seconds. The door should not close (if the door begins to close move out of the way immediately)
  4. Move clear of the area. The door should remain open for at least 1.5 seconds and should close slowly and smoothly
  5. Inspect the threshold area. It should be clean with no loose parts that might cause a trip/slip.
  6. Inspect the glass and safety stickers (i.e. automatic door and keep clear). All should be present and in good condition
  7. If an overhead heater is present, does it work?
  8. Repeat steps 1 through 5 from the opposite direction if the door is used for two way traffic.
  9. DO NOT USE THE DOOR: If it fails any of these safety checks or if it malfunctions in any way.

Call it in as soon as you discover it!

Forgetting to call it in when you see it could result in any of the following:

  • Health and Safety Risks
  • Failure to secure the premises
  • Failure to open the premises to trade
  • The need for you or your colleague to stay behind after hours to wait for an engineer.
  • Store temperatures falling below acceptable levels
  • The store being forced to close should temperatures drop to low
  • Loss of revenue