Jason Pease

Director, MGS and Specification Sales


MD of MGS, Head of Specification and Vertical Sales dormakaba. My parents owned a door company from 1980, which I joined after 5 years in the Army, starting the Auto Door division of the business in 1996 and subsequently sold to Dorma in 1999. I worked with Dorma (as it was then) for 20 years, eventually joining the board of directors. I left to take up the MD position at Westway in 2015, (just before merger), a large FM company in London, subsequently acquired by ABM, a large American FM. I then moved on to take over major shareholding of MGS, subsequently acquired by dormakaba in 2022.

I’m married to Victoria, and we have a son, Joshua. I love football and Newcastle Utd. I like golf more than my skill in the sport warrants (but slightly better than Paul Wright!) I love cats and especially Bob, our 2-year old Ginger Tom who’s so much trouble!