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University of Edinburgh

dormakaba supplies three sites at the University of Edinburgh

dormakaba has supplied three sites at The University of Edinburgh for accessibility renovations whilst still maintaining high levels of security. 

“Thanks to a long-term relationship built on trust and reliability of our products, dormakaba has supplied several buildings on The University of Edinburgh Campus, and we look forward to continued work with them in the future.”

Mark Richardson

dormakaba UK

Having worked with the University since 2016, dormakaba and its Sales Representative, Mark Richardson, have established a relationship of trust and reliability over the years.

Recently, a number of entrance systems across three sites on the campus at The University of Edinburgh required renovations and updates: The Wellbeing Centre (Student Medical Centre), Appleton Tower and the Business School site.

The Wellbeing Centre
dormakaba was specified for the Centre to install a range of products, including two dormakaba ED250 Automatic Swing Operators. Tested to 1,000,000 cycles, this is a robust yet elegant electromechanical swing door operator, that contains a Wind Load Control function, ideal for the location of the Centre where its exterior doors are subjected to varying wind loads. This useful function will support the door during its closing cycle, to reduce the effects caused by weather or pressure fluctuations.

dormakaba also supplied and installed one internal ES 200 Sliding Door Operator, which has also been tested to 1,000,000 cycles to ensure reliable performance. The operator also utilises a monitored battery back-up system for use during emergency escapes. Finally, a ST Flex Secure Sliding Door was specified for use inside the Centre’s pharmacy, due to the doors speciality design to provide maximum security. Offering an unparalleled level of security, the door provides the convenience of an automatic sliding door with additional anti-intruder and anti-vandalism protection thanks to its laminated safety glass and 4-point locking device. The door has also been tested and approved to Burglar Resistance RC2 for ultimate reassurance.

Appleton Tower
As one of the tallest buildings in Edinburgh, Appleton Tower experiences a high daily foot flow and needed to improve the access throughout the building, particularly for those with physical impairments. dormakaba supplied and installed the KTV Manual Revolving Door, and 20 ED100A Automatic Swing Door Units to improve disability access internally.

Business School
At this location, the original doors had reached the end of their useful life. Mark Richardson proposed dormakaba FFT Flex folding doors as these doors offer enhanced wind load resistance as well as outstanding thermal separation. The installation was so successful, that The University of Edinburgh placed another order to replace further FFT Flex folding doors on campus.

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