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Slough Bus Station

Integration of intelligent controls gives safe and efficient passenger access


Bblur Architecture


Environmental Technology (Entech)


Slough, United Kingdom

Replacing Slough’s outdated 1970s Brunel Bus Station – made famous in the title sequence to the TV show “The Office” – the design of the new bus station is so iconic that it was exhibited at the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, the largest open submission contemporary art exhibition in the world. Comprising a unique 140 metre feature length canopy, the new bus station includes ten bus bays, three layover spaces and associated bus stands, alongside enhanced passenger facilities including waiting rooms, a coffee shop, newsagents, toilet facilities and cycle stands.

Architectural Highlights
The Slough Bus Station is an iconic building in the Heart of Slough regeneration scheme.  Ground breaking yet passenger friendly, it not only represents the pinnacle of design but when combined with functionality of doors from dormakaba ensures that the passenger experience is second to none.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
To provide reliable and efficient access from the waiting rooms to the buses, Bblur Architecture specified 11 sets of dormakaba ES 200 automatic sliding door operators.
With the waiting rooms being partly open to the elements, it was essential that the sliding door operators would be resilient to various weather conditions. They also had to be robust to withstand constant use and aesthetically attractive to fit in with the modern, sleek design of the building. 
To ensure passenger safety and maintain a comfortable environment in the waiting rooms, the ES 200 sliding door operators have been fitted with additional sensors which can identify the different types of buses using the station. These enable bus drivers to open the doors when they pull in to collect passengers, ensuring the doors are only open when required. The integration of the remote sensors stops passengers being able to walk out into the bus bays and minimises cold air or rain entering the waiting rooms. In the event of a power failure, the automatic doors have a manual override system.

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