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Rivers Hospital

FSW Easy Safe Delivers Flexible Patient Spaces For Hertfordshire Hospital

“The process has been straightforward and dormakaba provided expert help and assistance with the technical aspects of the design and planning of the system. The installation went very smoothly and the client was pleased with the result.”
Lee Partridge, Access & Automation

For the new chemotherapy unit at Rivers Hospital in Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire, there was a need to create flexible treatment spaces that also provided the required privacy for the patients. dormakaba’s folding sliding wall system FSW EASY Safe provided the solution, with a compact design and simple operation to help hospital staff meet the needs of their patients.

As part of the construction of a new chemotherapy wing at Rivers Hospital, a private medical care facility, two dormakaba FSW EASY Safe walls have been installed to create four separate bays to ensure privacy and a quiet environment for patients. The dormakaba system was chosen due to the simple, compact folding mechanism, proven reliability and safety, demonstrated by the recent success of the product for a similar purpose at a hospital in Essex.

FSW EASY Safe allows up to four folding panels to be linked together with a folding pivoting panel that provides door access when the system is closed. By installing two counter-running (bi-parting) assemblies, it is possible to create a folding wall with up to eight panels. FSW EASY Safe features laminated safety glass and has a clear status display in the pivoting end panel to show when the system is fully closed. The space-saving folding technology means that a separate park construction is not required, maximising the available space.

Specialist contractor Access & Automation was awarded the contract for the door and access control systems and worked with dormakaba on the planning of the installation. dormakaba was originally selected on a supply-only basis but recognising the value of the dormakaba’s expertise and experience, Access & Automation contracted the team to also provide installation services on the folding sliding wall element of the project. This helped solve the time constraint issues on the project and ensured issue free installation and commissioning of the products.

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