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Portsmouth Village Hotel

dormakaba provides guests at Village Hotels with innovative Mobile Access Solutions

“Our check in and check out scores were previously in our bottom five of measured criteria and have since moved to our top five, highlighting the growing desire for a choice of options on arrival.”

The dormakaba Saflok Quantum RFID is a low maintenance product, with battery life lasting up to two years and a low battery indicator set to alert staff when a replacement is necessary. In addition to this, audit records
are not erased during battery replacement – making it a quick and efficient procedure.

Suitable for both retrofit and new applications, this innovative access solution for dormakaba is ideal for hotel installations. Rod Reading, dormakaba Projects and Solutions Director added: “With dormakaba Mobile Access Solutions, hoteliers can turn individual mobile devices into a customer service tool, providing a convenient way for guests to fully-control
their travel preferences.”

Having worked with Village Hotels since 2015 to install fully integrated mobile access solutions into all existing properties, dormakaba’s Saflok Quantum RFID has now been specified for the new Portsmouth site. Combined with the hetras cloud-based property management system, the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capable lock allows guests to use their mobile device as a room key.

Portsmouth is the latest location to be added to the Village Hotels portfolio. It will offer guests a state of the art bed for superior comfort, as well as a Village Pub, a Village Grill Restaurant and a Village Gym including a swimming pool, right in the heart of the harbour city.
To ensure consistency across its portfolio, Village Hotels has continued working with dormakaba to provide Portsmouth guests with the same mobile access system that is found in all its other UK properties.

Specified for all hotel bedrooms, the dormakaba Saflok Quantum RFID not only offers an award-winning two-piece modular design for a contemporary finish, but also uses BLE technology to deliver a seamless, reliable and highly secure guest experience.
Answering the increasing demand for mobile compatibility within the hotel and leisure sector, the hetras cloud-based property management system interfaces with the dormakaba lock. This means guests can check-in online with their mobile device and use it during their stay as their very own mobile room key.

“We now have the mobile access option in all 29 Village Hotels and will continue to integrate the system into new hotels in the future. We strive to provide choice and flexibility for our guests, and those that stay with us can now check in via a mobile phone device, an onsite kiosk and an assisted check in by a host at the hotel,” explained Neil Cryer, Head of IT Operations & Projects for Village Hotels.

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