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Increasing Rail Passenger Safety and Security with Petards Group


With a history dating back over fifty years, Petards Group is a world-wide leader and established innovator in the sectors of Transport, Emergency Services and Defence.  dormakaba became involved with Petards several years ago supplying our high security mechanical locking solutions for their products manufactured for the Rail industry.

Mark Braithwaite of Petards Group commented “A key factor in the success of Petards eyeTrain is the rugged design and secure nature of our surveillance solutions. dormakaba cylinders are a vital component that have been proven to offer our customers a guaranteed level of security, protecting often vital video evidence”.

The rail sector demands high-quality security and surveillance equipment to increase passenger safety and improve passenger satisfaction. The Kaba 20 series of high security mechanical cylinders was chosen by Petards to secure the eyeTrain On-board Digital Video Recording (DVR) solution. Designed specifically for the rail sector the DVR exceeds the legislated environmental and power requirements and is enclosed in a custom thermomechanical vandal-resistant rack-mounted casing. Each DVR has the ability to react to alarms and triggers to increase the recorded frame rate during incidents and securely protect the recording to allow later retrieval.  Both the dormakaba Camlock K31 and Cabinet Locks K1074 are used to secure Petards DVR cabinets.

Both the dormkaba K31 Camlock and K1074 Cabinet Deadlock are part of the registered and patent protected, mechanical key system, Kaba 20. The high permutation capacity of Kaba 20 forms the basis for an extensive master key system which integrates many locking types such as Camlocks, Cabinet locks, door locks and key switches. The system can also be integrated with electronic locking or online access control through the inclusion of an RFID chip into the keybow.

The K31 Camlock and K1074 Cabinet deadlock are suitable for heavy duty applications and are ideal for securing data servers, secure cabinets and access panels. Due to radially arranged tumbler pin rows, best materials and exact precision milling customers benefit from the very latest in high security standards. The cylinders are tested to EN1303 standard, key related security grade 6 with added copy protection through the registration of the key resulting in duplicate keys only being cut in the dormakaba factory against authorised signature.


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