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Hitachi Trains

dormakaba high security locking solution for new electric and bi-mode Hitachi trains.

dormakaba are leading manufacturers of mechanical and electronic access control solutions and are members of RIA and the Rail Alliance. We develop a range of products and solutions specifically designed for the rail industry.

dormakaba are immensely proud to be associated with Hitachi Rail Europe and in particular their family of new Class 800/801 trains currently being supplied as part of the Intercity Express Programme. The IEP is integrated with the electrification programme in addition to Network Rail’s investment programmes.

This new rolling stock will constitute a step change in rail capacity, improved reliability, and a reduced environmental impact on every train journey undertaken. The Class 800 trains can travel at up to 125 mph, in various formations from five to ten cars. It is envisaged by Hitachi that the trains will provide an efficient means for passengers to travel on electrified and non-electrified routes, as well as enhancing the customers experience with more modern trains, better interiors and seating arrangements, and of course, faster journey times.

These Class 800 series trains are a combination of fully electric and bi-mode trains, the latter have diesel and electric propulsion, and are fitted throughout with a bespoke dormakaba high security locking solution that includes camlocks, cylinder locks and electrical key switches to the client’s exacting specification. The association held between dormakaba and Hitachi Rail Europe started with the supply of product onto Hitachi’s Class 395 train when it became the first domestic high-speed passenger train in the UK, launching in December 2009. The Class 395 was Hitachi’s first rolling stock in regular service in Europe. It is the fastest domestic train in the UK, capable of operating at a maximum speed of 140mph, and is currently the flagship of Hitachi and Japanese engineering.

dormakaba product was chosen by Hitachi Rail Europe for the Class 395 project for a number of reasons; the proven reliability of our product in extreme operating conditions, our provenance worldwide in the supply of secure key systems and our expertise and knowledge of the UK rail market. This coupled with our ability to design and engineer bespoke products for clients on a project by project basis assured Hitachi of our credentials.

In 2009 the Class 395 was the first of its kind in Britain because it works in dual voltage systems; both on the high speed line and on the classic network in Kent. It was a challenging contract to achieve for Hitachi because it was their first roll-over contract in the UK. It is also the most complex train in the UK as a result of the dual voltage system and multiple signalling systems.

The high speed rail network used by the Class 395 connects Central London through St Pancras International, East London through Stratford International, with Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International serving Kent in the South East of England. It also facilitated the transport of passengers for the Olympic Games from St. Pancras to Ashford International, acting as a key part of the transport infrastructure.

The performance level of the 395 is amongst the top in Britain. It is currently one of the most reliable EMU (Electric Multiple Units) fleets in the UK. Hitachi have adopted their Japanese maintenance regime ensuring that their passengers can see that train maintenance is their top priority. This makes the 395 fleet one of the best performing fleets in Britain so far; it has been since the first day of service, and with our support, will be through until the last.


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