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Fujitec is a global organisation specialising in the manufacture, installation and service of Lifts, Escalators and Moving walkways. Fujitec have carried out a number of prestigious projects in the UK providing escalator and moving walkway products in airports, sports stadiums, retail stores and office buildings.

“Fujitec lifts, escalators and auto-walks distribute people efficiently throughout all types of buildings. We chose quattro because, working along-side our transportation equipment, the quality of dormakaba systems provides proven experience of flexibility, convenience and security so ensuring our clients travel to where they intended, efficiently and reliably”.

Rob Kaye
Fujitec UK Ltd

dormakaba (Kaba Ltd) was first approached by Fujitec UK Ltd to supply a key system for the switching element of their lifts & escalators. Kaba were delighted to be chosen by Fujitec UK Ltd to supply the patented master key system quattro. The quattro was chosen for its high security and flexibility with extensive master key capabilities.
The quattro is available in euro and oval profiles as well as the popular 22mm profile. This patented key system provides the highest level of key control and organisational security, as the strong, reversible milled nickel silver keys are registered with duplicate keys only available from the dormakaba factory against authorised signature.

The quattro offers customers flexibility with its extensive master key capabilities allowing one key to access many dormakaba profiles such as padlocks, camlocks and key switches. The interchangeable core of quattro also enables it to be inserted into most cylinder profiles. Compatible with dormakaba mechatronic system Elolegic, quattro provides customers with investment security.

Our successful relationship is a reflection of our reliable key systems and our ability to provide bespoke key systems and security solutions for our customers.


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