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Baldwin Boxall Communication


Baldwin Boxall communication Ltd has been established in the UK for over twenty five years. They are recognised as being Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of voice alarm systems, emergency voice communication and public address equipment. 

Baldwin Boxall provides emergency communication systems for Railway Stations, retail centres and general public areas and is a supplier of communication systems to London Underground.

“I have no hesitation in recommending dormakaba to anyone who
requires locking systems. Their high quality and reliability of products led to Kaba being a registered and approved supplier to Baldwin Boxall
Communications Ltd.“

Steve Reed
Design Director
Baldwin Boxall

dormakaba became associated with Baldwin Boxall twelve years ago when they approached us for information on our key systems. dormakaba were delighted to be chosen to supply Baldwin Boxall with a dormakaba key system for their voice communication systems on the London Underground. The patented, registered master key system Kaba 20 was chosen due to its flexibility, reliability and high security features.

Kaba 20 is the principal key system manufactured by dormakaba, its long successful history made it the perfect choice for Baldwin Boxall. Available in 22mm profile, 4 pin tumbler rows make this patented key system highly secure. Tested to EN1303 standard Kaba 20 has the capacity for over 100 million key codes allowing for extensive master key capabilities. The strong, reversible milled nickel silver Kaba 20 keys are registered with duplicate keys only available from the dormakaba factory against authorised signature.

Baldwin Boxall communications Ltd retrofit their voice communication boxes with the Kaba 20 cylinder in the Camlock profile. However Kaba 20 can form part of an extensive master key system made up of several dormakaba profiles such as cylinders, key switches and padlocks.

Our successful relationship is a reflection of our reliable key systems and our ability to provide bespoke key systems and security solutions for our customers.


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