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Adidas, Oxford Street

Crucial performance for flagship sports store


SKK Design


New Store Europe


London, United Kingdom

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Steve Townsend

When global leading sporting brand Adidas decided to rebrand and refit a flagship 1800m2 store in London, it was essential the entire retail experience was second to none and that had to start with the entrances on busy Oxford Street. With constant foot traffic, performance and durability were of the utmost importance, as were striking aesthetics.

Architectural Highlights
Designed by New Store Europe, the entrance had to give a positive first impression and clear statement of the company’s image whilst also allowing a smooth flow of traffic. 

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
dormakaba’s configurable HSW-G glass sliding wall system was selected for direct access to the store from Oxford Street.  HSW creates mobile entrances, where sliding glass panels can be easily moved and stacked away, removing the barrier completely.

The system is supported on ceiling tracks and there are no floor channels or guides, allowing the flooring material to remain unbroken, with no dirt traps or obstacles underfoot to trip over.