Zoo Zurich, Switzerland

Access for four-legged and two-legged

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The right access for every habitat

Above the city of Zurich, the Zurich Zoo covers an area of over 50,000 m2 and is home to around 350 animal species. The Zurich Zoo is committed to animal, species and nature conservation worldwide in order to preserve a world for animals and humans. In the new enclosures, which have been built since 1995, visitors can therefore observe the animals in their natural environment. The tropical rainforest, savannah, grassland, desert, steppe and mountain cloud forest are just some of them. Access to the different habitats and utilization units is organized and controlled with Kaba exos 9300.

  • Location: Zürichbergstrasse 221 / 8044 Zurich, Switzerland

  • Opening: 1929

  • Completion: further expansion planned until 2050

  • Area: approx. 50'000 m2

  • Official website

  • Units: Natural habitats for animals and plants, visitor areas, restoration, office and maintenance buildings, and more.


What does an access system have to fulfill in order to be constantly adaptable?

  • Scalability and modularity offer high investment protection

  • Interfaces for third-party systems increase flexibility

  • Wide range of access components and media with different technologies, such as wireless or standalone

  • Further development and regular updates of the access management system ensure upward compatibility and security

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Reliable access for any environment

Designs for most requirements

The Masoala Rainforest, the Lewa Savannah or the Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park are particularly significant and naturalistic facilities at Zurich Zoo. Humidity, drought, sand, quadrupeds and bipeds place different demands on the access components. To ensure that access is always secure and can be controlled, readers, cylinders and door closers must be able to withstand extreme conditions. Splash and scratch protection and rust resistance are just some of them. dormakaba offers the right door components for every situation and manufactures them according to customer requirements.

Intelligent access management system

Companies are constantly changing. A requirement that Kaba exos 9300 meets with its scalable architecture and modular design. It solves all the basic tasks of employee, system, user and peripheral management. From simple door control via wirelessly integrated door components to complex interlock control with monitoring. Mechanical doors and locking systems can also be integrated at any time, as can third-party systems.

Full flexibility with wireless function

Wireless technology offers considerable advantages for access control: Doors can be controlled and monitored remotely. Access rights are transmitted to the door in real time and on-site programming is no longer necessary. Firmware updates are also distributed to the doors and door events are read out via radio. This reduces the administration effort and accesses can also be networked where no cable can be pulled.

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