StadtNatur Munich, Germany

Modern smart access system for optimal residential access management

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An intelligent access system combines smart locks with a sharing economy

The Munich StadtNatur Architektenhaus is a flagship project in multiple ways. At 1,600 m2 in size, this architecturally impressive building is home to 35 tenants who form a close-knit community. Additional features include a 2,000 m2 communal garden, a myRENZbox parcel drop box and a dormakaba door access control system for complete security on the premises.

The resivo integrated access system adds smart home capability to the StadtNatur building and supports the sharing economy spirit which is so important to its tenants.


What does a user-friendly, smart residential access system require?

  • The ability to integrate current trends such as smart home systems and sharing economy opportunities

  • Flexible and secure rights management for common and private areas

  • Involvement of users during initial pilot phase to adapt the system to their needs

  • Applications that are intuitive to use for tenants, housing managers and guests

  • Ongoing development of the integrated access system and the addition of new applications

  • A wide selection of hardware door components and access credentials that meet user requirements and door situations.

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"The keyless system allows access to private rooms and integrates frequently used doors into the concept. This makes facility management a breeze. I was positively surprised at how easy and intuitive the cloud systems are to use as well."

Christian Dengler

Managing Director and Administrator, StadtNatur Munich


Smart locks make smart living a reality

The building’s community required a smart door access control system that would be easy for residents to use – preferably via smartphone – while offering various additional benefits.

Gaining insights in the pilot phase

dormakaba used the StadtNatur pilot phase to determine the exact customer requirements and find the right smart lock solutions. With the help of insights gained from countless applications and personal feedback, the integrated access system was continually optimized to fully satisfy all participants.

Advantages for facility managers & tradespeople

During the construction phase, access to the building could be controlled digitally using the resivo utility app for owners, tradespeople and cleaning staff.

Advantages for property managers

Housing managers can use the resivo cloud solution to organize all access permissions with ease in the app. This turns a smartphone into a secure key. Cards and transponder chips can also be used as desired. The resivo keyless system offers many advantages: there is no need for a physical key handover, mechanical keys do not have to be accounted for and there is no longer a security risk if a key is lost.

Advantages for tenants

The tenants can manage and assign access permissions independently in the form of digital keys. If an access medium is lost, the tenant can use the app to quickly revoke the key’s access permission and delete it. Thanks to the resivo keyless system, residents can also send digital and time-limited keys remotely from their cell phones.

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