Product Summary

HP200 series smart digital door lock, with a classic design and precise and fast grip features.

Multiple alarm functions to protect home.

  • IML process design, flexible curved surface, simple and elegant design.
  • Classic integrated handle style features a pull-up lock and a downward pressure unlock, ensuring long-lasting use without sagging the handle.
  • Multiple door opening methods to meet the needs of different age groups at home.
  • Accurate fingerprint recognition, making it easy to detect fake fingerprint attacks and providing greater security.
  • WIFI intelligent networking, multiple visitor modes, meets different needs.

Technical Details

  • Available colors: Grey/Black
  • Installation conditions:door thickness 40mm ~ 110mm
  • Applicable categories: wooden doors/copper doors/anti-theft doors/cast aluminum explosion-proof doors
  • Method of open: fingerprint/password/sensor card/key/phone
  • Fingerprint registration: 100 fingerprints
  • Password registration: 50 passwords
  • Card registration: 100 RFID cards
  • Security protection: electromagnetic protection, virtual password, double authentication, C-level lock cylinder
  • Alarm function: Low voltage alarm, anti pry alarm, attempt alarm
  • Convenient features: doorbell, back lock,voice prompt, emergency charging.


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