Product Summary

As the latest new product of dormakaba, FH 9 digital door lock is supported by innovative patents (in the process of application). Full camber curved design style, integrated into IML mold injection, rich lock surface color technology. One-grip semiconductor fingerprint handle facilitates life. At the same time, vibration verification and confirmation feedback link is added to double confirmation to protect safety. At the same time, with various alarm function and wireless module configuration function, all-round layers of protection of your home

  • Ultra-thin arc shape
  • Handle one - grip fingerprint head, keyboard and handle vibration innovation technology
  • Unique KABA card reader design - sensor card encryption upgrade
  • Type-C convenient emergency charging port

Product Details

  • Semiconductor fingerprint/password/sensor card/mechanical keys, etc
  • One - grip fingerprint handle, vibration verification feedback
  • Lock up handle
  • Voice navigation, operation instructions
  • Vibration feedback keypad
  • Software normally on Settings
  • Pry proof alarm
  • Taste error alarm, keyboard independent lock
  • Type-C interface for emergency power supply
  • A variety of modules, remote unlock


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