Product Summary

Built in digital door lock FI series, visible facial intelligent lock, elegant black tempered panel, achieving integrated design between door and lock.

There are various configuration options like facial features, smart cat eyes, and WIFI connectivity. Light luxury style is full of texture.

  • Elegant black tempered panel design, integrated door and lock, light luxury style.
  • 720P high-definition wide-angle camera,can see the whole picture clearly. Equipped with a 5-inch video screen on indoor panel.*
  • Password, fingerprint, and multiple door opening methods meet the needs of different age groups at home.
  • Accurate fingerprint recognition, making it easy to detect fake fingerprint attacks and providing greater security.
  • Fully automatic electronic lock body, intelligent system control, achieving quick and automatic locking after closing the door.

Technical Details

  • Available configuration: Four in one /Face recognition/Smart cat eye/FR & cat-eye
  • Installation conditions: door thickness 60mm ~ 100mm
  • Applicable categories: wooden doors/copper doors/anti-theft doors/cast aluminum explosion-proof doors
  • Method of open: fingerprint/password/sensor card/key/phone*/face*
  • Fingerprint registration: 100 fingerprints
  • Password registration: 100 passwords
  • Card registration: 100 RFID cards
  • Security protection: electromagnetic protection, C-level lock cylinder
  • Security protection: Low voltage alarm, attempted alarm, door left unlock alarm
  • Convenient features: voice navigation, handle to open the door
  • Smart cat eye: 720 * 1080, 5.0 inch high-definition screen, visual intercom*
  • Scalable features: external door opening button, smart home interconnection

* means an optional function


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