Product Summary

Newly designed high-end digital door lock CP300 series.

Push-pull and breathing light feedback design, smart cat eye lock, brushed wear-resistant surface.

Multiple configurations to choose from and meet different needs.

  • 1080P&150° high-definition wide-angle camera,can see the whole picture clearly. The indoor panel is equipped with a 4.5-inch rear video screen.*
  • WIFI intelligent networking, remote unlocking, real-time doorbell information reminder, Video communication, all day on duty.*
  • 3D facial recognition, combined with infrared fill light technology, automatically senses outside the door and wakes up the recognition system.*
  • Tempered glass surface material semiconductor fingerprint head. More sophisticated biometric technology. Both light fingerprints and dry fingers can be used to prevent fake fingers.
  • Fully automatic electronic lock body optional, intelligent system control, achieving quick and automatic locking after closing the door.*

Technical Details

  • Available colors: Grey/Black/Red Bronze
  • Installation conditions: door thickness 50mm~100mm
  • Applicable categories: wooden doors/copper doors/anti-theft doors/cast aluminum explosion-proof doors
  • Method of open: fingerprint/password/sensor card/key/phone/face*
  • Fingerprint registration: 100 fingerprints
  • Password registration: 50 passwords
  • Card registration: 100 RFID cards
  • Face registration: 50 faces*
  • Security protection: electromagnetic protection, virtual password, double authentication, C-level lock cylinder
  • Alarm function: Low voltage alarm, anti pry alarm, attempt alarm, coercion alarm*
  • Convenient features: doorbell, back lock, stay and capture*, voice prompt, emergency charging, WiFi smart connection, remote door opening, information reporting, smart cat eye *, facial recognition*

* means an optional function


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