Product Summary

Pull handles from dormakaba Door Furniture epitomize the high quality ambitions of the brand – designed for excellence down to the very last detail and exuding fine craftsmanship. They offer genuine quality characterized by clearly defined, identical features – irrespective of shape, size or customized manufacturing.

  • High manufacturing quality
  • Fine finish
  • Ideal complement to all dormakaba fittings
  • Delivered to order
  • High durability
  • Handle accessories made of stainless steel

Product Details

Product features

Door handles from dormakaba Beschlagtechnik impressively demonstrate the dormakaba brand’s commitment to high quality standards. The priority is paying attention to all fine details. This results in convincing products whose high quality is reflected by clear and identical features – regardless of the shape, size or custom design.

An attractive design. A high-quality surface with consistent finishing, where the entire door handle has almost no recesses, irregularities or shadows. Of course this also applies to the places that are hard to reach, such as the radii in the arches, the right-angled mitre cuts or the transitions from the door handle to its supports. What always stands out is the superior workmanship with a special attention to detail.

The comprehensive, strictly regulated quality management ensures highly functional as well as visual quality. dormakaba has defined its own very strict standards, which we apply permanently in testing the quality of our door handles. In this process we not only verify compliance with sophisticated technical parameters, such as pull-out strengths, pressure and tensile loads during permanent use – we also constantly check the workmanship and appearance according to our high standards.

Only when a product satisfies our strict quality criteria does it earn the distinction of being a dormakaba door handle. The same applies to its practical use. dormakaba door handles guarantee the secure absorption of pressure and tension thanks to their sophisticated fastening technology, which also enables quick and easy installation on nearly any door. In a nutshell, dormakaba door handles offer you the confidence of choosing a high-quality product.

Classic door handles

The TG Classic product range combines durable quality and timeless design. Developed and designed for uncompromising use in sophisticated building projects as well as heavily used buildings such as airports, train stations, shopping centres, official agencies and schools. Individual models can also be implemented according to the customer’s wishes.

  • High-quality workmanship
  • Attractive surface structure
  • Matches all other dormakaba fittings
  • Short delivery time
  • Attractive price

Avantgarde door handles

The Avantgarde/Create product series reflects the close working relationship that dormakaba has maintained with architects and designers for many years. With this series, dormakaba offers the opportunity to turn your creative ideas into reality. Based on a dimensioned diagram, a technical drawing or 3D model, a handsheet is created, which is then optimised, tested according to all technical construction aspects, and entered into production.

Classic TG door handles (Vario)

dormakaba now offers the fast production of its TG Vario door handles in nearly any length. Delivery within 5 workdays and produced exactly according to the customer’s wishes. The advantage: It doesn’t need to be individually customised at the construction site.

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Fittings Door handles
Fittings Door handles

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