Product Summary

CONCEALEO® - the concealed solution for perfect closure. 3D adjustable concealed hinges conforming to ANSI & EN Standards.

CONCEALEO® is the new trend setter, combining high aesthetics with demanding functionality. Robust, maintenance free and hidden. A practical yet discreet performance hinge for your needs.

  • Concealed Fixings - Ensuring no visible screws for design aesthetics.
  • Piston Guides - For maximum efficiency.
  • Five Axis Joint - Designed for long-term maintenance-free operation.
  • Solid Machined Piece – For strength.
  • 180° Opening Angle
  • 3D Adjustment - For hassle-free installation and maintenance

Product Details

The CONCEALEO® product range provides an all-embracing product line-up, with load-bearing capacities of 40 to 350 kilograms per pair, it covers the entire door spectrum from the simple domestic door to the highly complex commercial property door.

The design principle forms the heart of the CONCEALEO® hinge range. A symmetric four-knuckle joint evenly transfers the forces from the door-leaf into the frame. It is connected to the hinge elements by pistons which support the hinge transversally and channel the opening and closing forces in circular fashion in all directions.

Technical Details

  • For Wood, Aluminium and Steel doors
  • Available for door thickness from 30mm
  • 'Safe & Sound' break-in protection
  • 'Silent' Soundless closing
  • 'Discrete Design' Plates
  • Suitable for smoke control & fire rated doors
  • Available in Eleven Finishes

Concealeo Hinges
CONEALEO Infographics

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