Product Summary

dormakaba Mobile Access Integrator Program is a service product that provides a fast path to the benefits of mobile access. The program, based on many successful mobile access deployments, is a structured program designed to mitigates the risks associated with new technology insertion projects.

The program is ideal for third-party integrators that develop mobile apps for hotels.

  • Partner with dormakaba and contribute to make mobile access a reality, simply and securely.
  • Based on defined milestones and deliverables
  • Efficient path to a successful deployment of dormakaba’s Mobile Access Solution
  • Helps reduce cost and time to market of your mobile key access program

Technical Details

The Mobile Access Integrator Program includes dormakaba’s SDK (Software Development Kit), developed and secured by LEGIC Connect, renowned globally for highly-secure communication and identification. 


Hoteliers without in-house app developers, can rely on one of our selected integrators to get their dormakaba BLE enabled locks fully operational. With their downloaded app, guests have the ability to bypass the front desk and go straight to their room, using their smartphones as their room key. 


dormakaba will provide the following services to Integrators for the deployment of the Integration of the Mobile Access Solution: 

1. Configuration of BLE Lab
dormakaba will install, configure and test the mobile access development environment including the installation of Saflok System 6000. 

2. Software Development Kit (SDK) Workshop 
dormakaba offers workshop sessions to help developers to seamlessly integrate the SDK in their app. During this workshop, developers learn the basic functions of the BLE SDK. 

3. Architecture Design Review​
As a dormakaba partner, the integrator will submit documentation outlining the architectural overview and SDK integration points to dormakaba for review. Identified inconsistencies contrary to best practices will be reported to the customer. 

4. Mobile App Validation 
dormakaba engineers test the application to validate the integrity of the SDK’s integration points. 

5. System Integration Test
dormakaba representative will be at the property to perform a full system test prior to the go-live date.

6. Technical Support 
dormakaba will provide technical support throughout the duration of the project. 

Mobile Access Integraror Program

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