Product Summary

The Front Desk Unit model 780 (FDU G3) has been discontinued effective April 30, 2018. As of May 1st, 2018, we will terminate repair services on the FDU G3. After this date, any FDU G3 customers in need of replacement or repair will need to upgrade to a new FDU G4.

To reduce the risks and cost associated with the emergency replacement of your FDU, which is a critical component of your dormakaba system, you may contact us today to:

  1. Subscribe to a Service Plan - Immediately replace one of your FDU G3 with a new G4 FDU.
  2. Buy a new FDU G4 - Avoid down-time and shipping delays.

All active service plan customers will remain covered under the same terms & conditions of their existing agreements including service, support and replacement with the FDU G4.

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Ilco FDU G3 (Front Desk Unit model 780)

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