Looking at a cylinder

Magnetic Door Lock cludo (Austrian Standard)

In buildings with high grade architecture and for residential applications, the visual appearance of flush doors is especially important.

The Gege magnetic latch lock series cludo (from Latin claudo = to close) fulfills this high demand completely.

Door Lock Styles:

Figure: Magnetic cludo lock set, with flat key (KB) and matching striking plate.

Latch in retracted position (= door is open)


Product details

  • Usage category Grade 2 according to EN 12209
  • Smooth, quiet door closing
  • Elegant appearance for premium residential concepts
  • Easy to clean as there are no protruding corners and edges
  • For flush and rebate doors
  • The striking plate plate is invisible when flush doors are closed
  • No overlapping striking plates required
  • The latch never hits the striking plate, resulting in less wear and longer life.
  • For center distance 88 mm (Austrian Standard)
  • Set package for door lock and striking plate (with one single item number)

The function principle is just as simple as it is effective:

When the door is open the lock latch is flush with the forend. Invisible cylindric magnets in the latch head hold the plastic latch back in the lock case.

When the door is closed a high performance block magnet pulls the latch into the striking plate and holds it there. This makes the closing process quiet and smooth. Wear is significantly reduced by using a plastic latch and by the automated closing process.